Located in Chattanooga’s beautiful Warehouse Row

The Vision of Yoga Landing is represented so authentically by the image of the Passion flower. The ever expanding vine with captivating blooms is the Tennessee State Wildflower, and as a collective of Yoga Instructors we share the same qualities of Expansiveness, Presence, and Vitality!

Every teacher who represents Yoga Landing supports a community that fosters individuality and personalized teaching to each student who attends their class.

Our respect for the Ancient Art and Science of all the Limbs of Yoga is evident by beginning every morning with a Traditional Ashtanga Practice. This lineage is from where all flowing types of Yoga have sprung. Through out the day and evening Yoga Landing is home to a balanced schedule of Heated and Cooler practices with a variety of styles including (Heated & Non-Heated) Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin + Yasa, Hot Vintage, Prenatal, Kid’s Yoga, and Acro-Yoga. It is our aspiration to provide an opportunity for students to find the types of Yoga practices that will benefit them most.

A wide array of options and amenities

New Students as well as Experienced Practitioners will find several daily options to fit their interests and schedule. It is also our intention to assist students with a stressless visit by providing elegant showering facilities, small-ratio morning child care, and complimentary parking.

Ultimately, we are creating a Sanctuary in the Heart of Chattanooga! Whether you need to Sweat, Sit, Lengthen, Strengthen, Relax, Cry or Laugh we are a place for you to Land!

The Light in us Sees the Light in You…

~ Namaste

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