This weekend is an invitation. A space held for you to re-remember the art of being. We work very hard and often are or become overwhelmed and over stimulated by our Western lives. Many of us have experiences with trauma and anxiety. The beauty of poses in Restorative Yoga is that they help us remember how to relax, rest deeply, and heal systematically. During deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body benefit from the energy dropping back down and returning inside the body. Some of the distinct benefits include lowering of blood pressure and blood sugars, reduction of muscle tension and headaches, improvement of immunity function, digestion, fertility, elimination, and relief of general fatigue.

In this 22.5-hour weekend immersion, you will learn the art and skill of practicing and teaching Restorative Yoga. All aspects of the practice will be covered, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of Restorative Yoga, the physiology of relaxation, special considerations in working with the doshas, trauma, PTSD, depression and body dysmorphia, special poses for menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, and how to sequence, assist, and teach a Restorative class.

This weekend immersion is open to the public for all students looking to deepen their knowledge + yogic studies, as well as for students who are completing our Yoga Landing 300hr Teacher Training Program. (The full weekend will count as 22.5hrs towards your 300hr YA credit + certification).

Some topics we will cover throughout this Immersion Weekend include:

>> Setting and holding healing space/ The Healing Power of Group and Individual Connection

>> Understanding Trauma Impact and Sensitivity to Special Population Needs

>> Scope of Practice and collaboration with Mental Health Professionals

>> Sequencing to include Inversions, Forward Folding, Back Bending, Twists, and Side Bending

>> Assisting and Teaching practices

>> Appropriate Use of Props

>> Relaxation benefitting Pranayama and Meditation techniques to balance the hemispheres

>> Introduction to IRest Yoga Nidra and complementary benefits.

DATE :: December 8-10, 2017



>> 5:00-5:30pm ~ Check-in & get settled

>> 5:30-9:00pm ~ Opening Session: Sacred Circle & Restorative Practice


>> 7:00am-3:30pm ~ Session 1

>> 3:30-4:30pm ~ Optional Q&A


>> 7:00-3:00pm ~ Session 2

>> 3:00-4:00pm ~ Optional Q&A

PRICING :: $350 Full Weekend Price // $300 Early Bird Price (before October 15)


**Must pay at time of registration. There will be no refunds after purchase.**