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This is Yoga Landing.


Grow Deeper in Your Practice with our Workshops


Yoga Landing is
Yoga for the People.

Practice Yoga at a boutique studio that is passionate about welcoming people from all walks of life. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned Yoga student or if you've never stepped foot on a mat; when you're at Yoga Landing, you're home.

We offer a balanced schedule of heated and room temperature practices with a variety of styles. It is our greatest hope to provide an opportunity for you to find the type of practice that benefits you the most.

Yoga At Home

Take Yoga Landing with you anywhere!


Live Schedule

Practice at home or on the go with our virtual live classes.

Immerse Yourself

Grow Deeper in Your Practice with our Workshops

Harmony Slater // Ashtanga Immersion

*IN STUDIO* Self Awakening Yoga Level I Training

19hrs towards 300hr YA credits

*IN STUDIO* Enneagram + Yoga

19hrs towards 300hr YA credits

Lifelong Learning

Learn to Share Your Practice with Others


 Our 200 hour Teacher Training will foster an insightful awareness of the body, mind, and spirit connection through the ancient science and art of yoga.


This Yoga Alliance Certified 300 hour Teacher Training Program will expand upon your foundational knowledge by covering advanced and comprehensive topics.

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