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✧ she/her

✧ Cancer ☀️| Virgo 🌙 | Sagittarius ⬆️

✧ Inspirations: Jessamyn Stanley, Jivana Heyman, Ram Dass, mindful movement, body positivity

✧ Favorite Food: mac and cheese by far! 

✧ Favorite Travel Experience: Was called on stage at a huge improv comedy show in New York on my 25th birthday. The whole show ended up being based around stories from my life!

Alicia King

Vinyasa // Meditation & Pranayama

Brenda Nakdimen

Pre & Postnatal // Restorative // Gentle



✧ Leo🌞 Aries🌝 Capricorn⬆️

✧ she/her

✧ Inspirations: my Ashtanga community 

✧ Favorite Food: nachos

✧ Favorite Place traveled: New Mexico

Emily Gatlin




✧ ♒️ Aquarius

✧ she/her

✧ Inspirations: I prioritize functional alignment and mindful transitions in my practice drawing inspiration from Jason Crandall, Judith Hanson Lasater, and Fiona Lansley

✧ Favorite Food: any Thai style curry that doesn’t completely set my mouth ablaze

✧ Favorite Travel Experience: Tuscany

Casey Parker

Vinyasa // Yin

unnamed (1).jpg


✧ she/her

✧ Libra ♎️

✧ Inspirations: I've been practicing yoga for 15 years. I took my 200hr Vinyāsa training with Jessica Jollie in 2012 and I am currently working toward my 500hr YTT. I studied deeply under my teacher Murray Green in Breckenridge Colorado, practiced with Elena Brower and Shiva Rea and take inspiration from both their teachings.

✧ Favorite Food: anything homemade. 

✧ Favorite Travel Experiences: Vancouver Island Canada where I grew up. I want to visit Cambodia again but my most beloved travel experience is backpacking in Northern India!

Hannah Bavuso




✧ she/her

✧ Aquarius ♒️

✧ Inspirations: Introduced to yoga via Mysore practice in Austin, TX 23 years ago, David Swenson, all of the teachers at Yoga Landing and instructors brought to Yoga Landing for training weekends.

✧ Favorite Food: You want me to pick just one? Anything sans gluten!

✧ Favorite Travel Experience: Good Friday in Italy. Started with coffee in Siena, lunch overlooking the Tuscan countryside, and that evening for the Via Crucis ceremony at the Colosseum by Pope Francis at the bottom of Palantine Hill.

✧ Intention for 2024: LESS

Shannan Billings

Yoga Sculpt // Vinyasa

Jordunn's Head-1 (1).jpg


✧ Aries ♈️

✧ He/Him

✧ Inspirations: Selfcare/self health/self awareness. Been practicing for over a decade 

Jordunn Galanto

Vinyasa // Mindful 

Tina Berens

✧ @yogawith_tina

✧ she/her

✧ Virgo ♍️

✧ Inspirations: I completed my 200-hour training at my home yoga studio in Grand Rapids, MI and my 300-hour training at Yoga Landing, I focused on techniques from alignment-based yoga (Iyengar), vinyasa flow, and mindful & restorative yoga. My teacher’s influencers are Tias Little, Rod Stryker, Judith Hanson Lasater, and Jill Miller. I also enjoy following and learning from Jason Crandell.

✧ Favorite Food: crunchy, salty chips with a tasty dip!

✧ Favorite Place traveled: Anywhere with mountains and breathtaking views.

Tina Berens

Vinyasa // Mindful

IMG_4523 (1).jpeg


✧ she/her/they

✧ Aquarius ☀️ / Aries 🌙 / Sagittarius ⬆️

✧ Inspirations: Completed her 200HR YTT with Jessica Jollie in 2015. Since then, she’s also completed her 500YTT in Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, Enneagram, and Lunar Wisdom at Yoga Farm Ithaca. She's a certified Kundalini Rebirthing Facilitator.  Being a life long learner, Michelle continues studying additional Ayurveda education with Jai Dev Singh, taken workshops with yoga culture teacher and advocate Susanna Barkataki, and Kundalini Yoga with the Life Force Academy, Yoga Farm Ithaca and other gurus of the Kundalini Yoga lineage. 

✧ Favorite Food: plant-based yumminess!

✧ Favorite Travel Experiences:  New Zealand

Michelle Dunn-Loveless


Copy of DSC05497.jpg

@karibpollard and @karipollard_yoga

✧ ♉️ A bright and shining Taurus

✧ Inspirations: I was certified and started teaching in 2009 with my favorite, Jimmy Barkan, in The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga and completed 500HRYTT with Jimmy. I also look at my yoga family, the studios of which I practice, my family, and my best friends as inspirations to me.  We thrive as a community, building each other up with many forms of support, and that inspires me. 

✧ Favorite Food:  pizza by far, with a side note of Thai and Sushi. 

✧ Favorite Place traveled:  I am a homebody, but love traveling to Amelia Island, Fl and Deer Valley, Utah.  

Kari Pollard


Lauren Richardson

Gentle // Yin

IMG_1098 (1).heic


✧ she/her

✧ ♒️ Aquarius

✧ Inspirations: Dolly Starvos

✧ Favorite Food: Sea Bass

✧ Favorite Travel Experiences: Botswana

Lisa McBryde

Power // Vinyasa // Hot Elemental

IMG_1264 (1).heic
Jill Allen




✧ ♊️ Gemini 

✧ Inspirations: Jimmy Barkan ( Ft. Lauderdale, FL) My formal training and background is Hot Yoga but I practice and teach Heated Vinyasa. 

✧ Favorite Food: Lasagne

✧ Favorite Travel Experiences: Costa Rica!

Tracy Carlson


Jessica Headshot (1).jpg


✧ Scorpio ☀️| Leo 🌙 | Cancer ⬆️

✧ Inspirations: Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, MaryKay West, Nature, and my Family

✧ Favorite Food: Salads!!!!!!

✧ Favorite Place Traveled: The Redwoods, Peru & Indonesia

Jessica Jollie

Hot Elemental // Vinyasa // Gentle


✧ @laurenclimbsmountains

✧ she/her

✧ Scorpio ♏️

✧ Inspirations: My yoga influences are extremely diverse! I have strong backgrounds in vinyasa and ashtanga yoga. My favorite practices are ones that allow me to slow down and move and breathe in a mindful way. My recent yoga influences have expanded to include self-awakening yoga, somatic exercises, yoga nidra, pranayama, and even active mobility and physical therapy exercises! Ultimately I believe that each of us are our own best teacher, so my practices encourage students to tap into and be guided by their own innate wisdom.

✧ Favorite Food: Thai food!

✧ Favorite Place traveled:  Alaska

Lauren Whaley

Hot Elemental

Julia Peacock

✧ @movewithjulia_

✧ she/her

✧ Scorpio ♏️

✧ Inspirations: I started practicing yoga with Yoga With Adriene on Youtube when I was a freshman in high school and have been practicing ever since. After moving to Chattanooga in 2022, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training and Pilates Training. As a dancer, my yoga and pilates practices have always been heavily influenced by the principles of dance and how we move through space with body, mind, and breath as one.

✧ Favorite Food: I love kale <3

✧ Favorite Place traveled:  Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

Julia Peacock

Yoga Sculpt // Pilates

DSC_6238 (1).jpg


✧ ♐️ Sagittarius

✧ she/her

✧ Inspirations: Yoga inspirations are everything! The world around me, nature, relationships, music, my children, the beautiful way the human body works and moves. 

✧ Favorite Food: I love food so it’s hard to pick but I’d say my last meal would be a crusty French baguette with a block of cheese and a glass of red wine. 

✧ Favorite Travel Experience:  Savannah, GA. There’s a magical beauty to it that enchants me

Maria Fowler

Vinyasa // Yoga Sculpt

Shaun Weller

Vinyasa // Hot Elemental


✧ @sam.raffs 

✧ she/her

✧ Cancer ☀️ Aquarius 🌙 Scorpio ⬆️

✧ Inspirations: Our whole Ashtanga community here at YL inspire me in my practice, foster my love of yoga and are always teaching me 
your favorite food - Pastry & chocolate enthusiast 

✧ Favorite Travel Experience: Paris - I studied there for a semester in college and it will always hold a special place in my heart 

Sam Raffaele


Ashi Fellers
Ashi Fellers

Hot Elemental // Meditation & Pranayama

Copy of YogaLanding2021-196.jpg
Brittany Willams

Power // Vinyasa

Copy of YogaLanding2021-148 (1).jpg

✧ @Ghugging

✧ Virgo ☀️ / Libra 🌙 / Gemini ⬆️

✧ she/her

✧ Inspirationxs: I completed my 200Hr trainings with Jessica and Gillian St. Clair(I still find myself infusing both of their teachings into my classes), Judith Lasater and Heather Monson James (are my Restorative teachers) Michael Johnson (meditation and kirtan teacher), Rachel Mathenia (Iyengar teacher).

✧ Favorite Food: PIZZA TILL I DIE!

✧ Favorite Place traveled: Sky Pond (Rocky Mountain Nt. Park) One of the hardest solo hikes I have ever taken and worth every step. 

Geena Huggins

Restorative // Vinyasa

Dan Oehmig



✧ she/her

✧ ♌️ Leo & Double Capricorn

✧ Inspirations: The philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita has proven to be my life coach. Again & again.

✧ Favorite Food: Anything my daughter makes. 

✧ Favorite Place: Wherever my favorite people are!

Heather Dendy


IMG_1478 (1).jpg


✧ she/they

✧  Gemini ♊️, Enneagram 7, wing 6

✧ Inspirations: Influences in teaching style include a deep curiosity around the human psyche, trauma, collecting + sharing yogic knowledge/spirituality, a return to self-love, + pieces of every teacher + student I've ever encountered. 200 hr YTT through Peach Out Power Yoga--Marietta, GA 300 hr YTT through Yoga Landing

✧ Favorite Food: anything that fits in a bowl that I can eat in my bed 

✧ Favorite Travel Experiences: Glacier National Park! Worked there for a summer, and haven't seen anything like those high alpine fields of wild paintbrush, moss campion, arctic lupine, & western anemone!

Tracy Madigan




✧ she/her

✧ Virgo ♍️

✧ Inspirations: I have had many influences on this yogic path and continue to be humbled and influenced by those steeped in its wisdom and who nurture spiritual growth. My list of influencers and teachers continues to grow as I do. "When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru." ~ Ram Dass

✧ Favorite Food: Cheese...all of the cheese

✧ Favorite Travel Experiences: Valle de Bravo, Mexico. 

Sara Low

Hot Elemental // Meditation & Pranayama



✧ she/her

✧ Scorpio! ♏️

✧ Inspirations: I've been a dedicated practitioner of 12 years and am a certified 200 RYT. I aim to facilitate students connection with their innate inner healer and to encourage exploration of personalized modifications for your individual body. I specialize in a diverse range of yoga styles encompassing Hatha, Mindful, Yin, and Restorative practices. 

✧ Favorite Food: is a breakfast burrito - fun fact I make one every morning!

✧ Favorite Travel Experience: Every place I have been (Greece, Mexico, Nicaragua, California, Canada, etc) they are all beautiful and have taught me so much in different ways.

Jes Shipley

Restorative // Yin

image0 (1).jpeg

✧ @the_yoga_smith

✧ she/her

✧♒️ Aquarius

✧ Inspirations: Too many to list, but here are a few: Jack Kornfield, Octavia Raheem, Leslie Kaminoff, Judith Hanson Lasater, Jason Crandell. I've been teaching yoga for over 10 years and hold a E-RYT® 500, YACEP® yoga teacher certification through Yoga Alliance. I'm also a certified teacher in the Enneagram Spectrum Method and co-hosts Enneagram+Yoga podcast. 

✧ Favorite Food: chicken wings, the spicier the better

✧ Favorite Travel Experience: Lake Como, Italy & Vancouver, BC

Kat Smith


Copy of YogaLanding2021-158.jpg
Lisa Davis




✧ She/Her

✧ Aquarius ☀️, Sagittarius 🌙, Sagittarius ⬆️ 

✧ Inspirations: Started my Yoga journey 9 years ago as a pregnant girlie, I practiced at home/online for about 4 years before venturing into Yoga Landing. In 2021, I started my 200hr teacher training with Jess Jollie and am nearly finished with 300hr training! I'm heavily influenced by Ashi Fellers and her Self Awakening practice. I find SOMETHING to learn from every single teacher that has ever taught me. I value the spiritual aspect of yoga. I find so much beauty in syncing strength and spirituality through a regular yoga practice.

✧ Favorite Food: Tuna Tartare

✧ Favorite Travel Experiences:New Zealand

Lauren Pfeifer




✧ ♋️ Cancer

✧ she/her

✧ Inspirations: My biggest yoga inspiration was friend I met in Hawaii while I attended college there. She inspired me to become a teacher and had a profoundly peaceful impact on me and I wanted to emulate that peace to others.

✧ Favorite Food: Pad Thai

✧ Favorite Travel Experience:  Costa Rica

Tayla Reid

Prenatal // Yoga Sculpt

Mark Marg Sullivan


✧ she/her

✧ Aquarius ♒️

✧ Inspirations: Cindy Lunsford out of Nashville (she was part of leading our vinyasa training in Mexico). Savannah Toone out of Nashville for vinyasa influence. Sealevel Hot Yoga in Seattle, Washington- Their instructors led our training at Hot Yoga East Nashville for Hot 26! 

✧ Favorite Food: Thai food (I love spicy!) 

✧ Favorite Place traveled: Greece while in college! 

Mary Margaret Sullivan

Hot26 // Vinyasa


✧ @jennifer.hobbs65

✧ She/Her

✧ ♉️ Taurus

✧ Inspirations: Sue Reynolds, Maggie White, Carl Meadows, Jonathan Ellis, Jessica Jollie, Kat Smith
Training: 200-hr RYT 2020 Yoga Landing; 300-hr RYT 2022 Yoga Landing

✧ Favorite Food: All things veggie

✧ Favorite Travel Experiences: The rivers and the mountains of the West, Southwest, and the Southeast

Jenn Hobbs


Brittany Young_edited.jpg


✧ she/her

✧ Aquarius ♒️

✧ Inspirations: I've completed all my training at Yoga Landing and have practiced with the studio since its early days in Warehouse Row! My Yin classes are creative but also heavily influenced by Bernie Clark. I've done training with Geena Huggins for Restorative and also utilized resources from Judith Lasater. My teaching style for vinyasa is a balance of challenge and ease. I like to make creative and connected flows that provide options for all levels of yogis.

✧ Favorite Food: Mac n' cheese

✧ Favorite Place Traveled: Bali, Indonesia

Brittany Young

Yin // Restorative // Vinyasa


@itsginnywithag | Bright Side Wellness and Yoga - Ginny Allen

✧ she/her

✧ Taurus ♉️

✧ Inspirations: My yoga background and teacher training was 100% vinyasa, but I have enjoyed moving into teaching Gentle and Chair Yoga over the last few years.

✧ Favorite Food: I've never met a cookie I didn't love!

✧ Favorite Place Traveled: Southern Patagonia where I hiked in the Torres del Paine National Park.

Ginny Allen

Chair // Gentle // Vinyasa

Blan Williams


✧ Cancer ♋️

✧ He/Him

✧ Inspirations: favorite teachers past and current: Omaira Gould (my first true teacher), Katherine Smith, Johnna Smith, Lisa McBryde, Lisa Davis; Background: 200-hr RYT (2013, Northshore Yoga), 300-hr RYT (2022, Yoga Landing)

✧ Favorite Food: Baingan Bharta

✧ Favorite Place Traveled: Iceland

Blan Williams

Vinyasa // Yin & Meditation


✧ @dellajean

✧ she/her

✧ Aquarius ♒️

✧ Inspirations: Taylor Harkness, Jivana Heyman, Tracee Stanley, Michael Johnson, Tricia Hersey, Tara Brach 

✧ Favorite Food: Chocolate!

✧ Favorite Place traveled: Italy!

Della Wheeler

Vinyasa // Gentle // Mindful

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