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Teacher Questionnaire

Teacher Expectations
  1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your class begins 

  2. Park in the furthest spot away from the front entrance

  3. When you arrive, prepare your room temperature, music, and begin greeting your students

  4. Once you ensure that your room is ready for class, please begin greeting + getting to know your students. 

  5. Thoroughly sweep or mop after class. Please ask a manager if you are unsure of what to do

  6. Always straighten props if necessary

  7. Please be considerate of the next teacher and adjust room temperature based on their needs

  8. Please read the weekly teacher’s email. This is where you can request subs for your classes.

    • You will simply reply to the weekly email with the date, time, and type of class you need a sub for. The manager will review all those who have requested to sub the class and will seek coverage. We expect sub requests 2 weeks in advance unless you have an emergency.

  9. If you are in need of an emergency sub, the protocol to follow will still be to post on the weekly email all the details mentioned above, and call/text the manager right away so we are able to find coverage. In case you need an emergency sub, Maggie can be contacted Mondays-Friday ,(423)531-6977​

  10. We encourage you to promote your classes via word of mouth, social media, and through Yoga Landing marketing materials. The expectation is between 10-20 students after you’ve been teaching for a year. 

Teacher Perks
  1. Please take advantage of and enjoy your free unlimited membership. We expect teachers to be practicing regularly with our community.

  2. Your teacher liability insurance is covered when you are teaching for our studio.

  3. Your significant other/partner is welcome to take class from you complimentary. 

  4. Yoga Landing will market for every teacher through our website, newsletter, and social media.

  5. If you teach workshops, privates, or specialty classes, you will be paid 60% of the entire amount.

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