Vinyasa + Power


Mindful Vinyasa​ (Non-Heated + Heated)

If you are brand new to yoga and want to gain more overall flexibility, balance and strength, this class is for you. Our Mindful Vinyasa classes are slow-paced allowing time for students to learn each yoga pose and find proper alignment. You will be guided through a sequence of reclining, seated and standing postures while also learning yoga breathing techniques for relaxation. This class will offer a lot of attention to detail for each pose, as well as more personalized instruction within a group setting. Mindful Vinyasa is suitable for brand new yoga students and all levels of practitioners who want to increase their knowledge of fundamental Vinyasa yoga. These classes are held in a comfortable room temperature of 70-80 degrees.

Vinyasa (Non-Heated + Heated)

Yoga Landing's Vinyasa classes are well suited for all levels of students; from beginner to advanced. If you are completely new to Yoga, gain experience first in our Mindful Vinyasa classes.

Vinyasa classes are movement based and offer a creative, flowing (sometimes cardiovascular) sequence of postures connecting movement with breath. These classes are designed to create an overall balance of strength, flexibility, and range of mobility. To serve all students, advanced options will be given. Students can stay where they are or choose to explore more challenging poses or complex sequences as experience is built. This is a safe space for all students to choose their preferred way. 


The non-heated classes are held in a comfortable room temperature of 70-80 degrees while the heated classes are between 88 and 93 degrees.

Sometimes Vinyasa classes are offered as  a Community Yoga Class. These are weekly classes offered  as $8 drop-ins, or regular class packages & memberships can be applied. 

Slow Burn (Typically Heated)

Slow Burn classes have all the challenge of a Vinyasa 2 class with a slower pace, sometimes longer holds, and more opportunities to take rest. ​This class is a mashup of the movements of Vinyasa, Pilates, and calisthenics. Prepare to gain ultimate strength and balance. Don't let the word 'slow' fool you!